The film shows the encounter of a young German woman with a young Turkish man on the underground in the every-day chaos of a big city. Only in their thoughts they develop a dialogue between each other. At the end they go their different ways as it is in life.

Film stills (Click here)

Short Film, Full-HD, 10 min, 2011
Team: FILMwork - STUDIO
Director / Script / Camera: Kai Sitter

Actors: Anna März, Seren Sahin, and more 
Lighting: Karolin Nirschl, Kai Sitter 
Sound: Matthias Lindinger
Assistent Director: Karolin Nirschl
Dialogue-Mix: Alexej Veldanov
Sounddesign / Cut: Denis Pevtsov

· First presented at the Munich youth film festival flimmern&rauschen2012

· Award of the Jury with a nomination for the JuFinale 2012 in Kulmbach

· Presented at the film festival workshop of young movie scene 2012 in Wiesbaden near    Frankfurt

· Presented at the film festival JuFinale 2012 in Kulmbach

· Award from the Bavarian Prime minister for "best script" at JuFinale 2012 in  Kulmbach