Die Dokumentation über Israel, "Marhaba, Shalom", beendet seine Kinotour und ist jetzt erhältlich - support us!

The impressive documentary on Israel, "Marhaba, Shalom", has finished its tour through the cinemas and is now available - support us!

The documentary shows an exchange visit between Arab-Israeli and German youths in Israel and Munich/Salzburg.
We get to know the way of life of the young Arab-Israeli, their culture and their views on Israel, which includes interviews where political and religious questions are being discussed as well. How do they live together in Israel, the Christian and Muslim Arabs, and the Jewish Israeli? This documentary wants to convey a personal view of these young people who take part in this exchange, of young adults who have their own ideas and do not want to adopt preconceived opinions.

Documentary | 2010 | German/English | 75 minutes | HD | 16:9 | Color



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